Understanding By Design – An Introduction

As an elected official of the JS Morton High School District 201 in Illinois, Jeff Pesek has supported a number of pedagogical and organizational programs. Jeff Pesek stands out as the driving force behind the Professional Development Academy, which supports teacher training in programs such as c.

Developed by Jay McTighe and Grant Wigins, the Understanding by Design education framework prioritizes goal-oriented learning and the development of student comprehension. The framework measures comprehension as the ability to apply, interpret, and explain content. Students must also be able to think about content from a new perspective, find value in new ideas, and reflect on their own barriers to understanding. These Six Facets of Understanding demonstrate an internalized base of usable knowledge and an in-depth level of comprehension.

To achieve this end, Understanding by Design implements a three-stage planning methodology known as “backward design.” The process begins with the identification of achievable goals and results in a unit-based curriculum. Throughout the unit, regular assessments of learning enable the teacher to adjust instruction and edit planning as necessary. Student-focused at all stages, the process has been adopted by hundreds of thousands of educators.