An Overview of the American Red Cross Blood Donation Process

Jeff Pesek currently leads J. Sterling Morton High School District 201 as board of education president. Outside of this role, Jeff Pesek contributes to his community through support of charities such as the Wounded Warriors Project and the American Red Cross.

Every three seconds someone in the world requires a blood transfusion. Many of these individuals are suffering from cancer, and about 20 percent are children. By donating a single pint of blood, a healthy person can save as many as three lives. Thanks to organizations such as the American Red Cross, donating blood is as simple as visiting and locating the nearest donation center or blood drive.

After a person has met all Red Cross eligibility requirements, he or she can make a donation. Blood is processed and evaluated to ensure that the donation comes from a healthy donor and that the blood has not been contaminated at any point since the donation. All qualifying samples are subsequently labeled and stored at the appropriate temperature until an individual at a nearby hospital requires a transfusion.


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