Illinois United Way Chapters Begin to Raise Funds

Jeff Pesek is an experienced policymaker with the J. Sterling Morton High School District 201 in Illinois. Outside of his leadership duties as a policymaker, Jeff Pesek supports various charities, including the United Way and the Wounded Warriors Project.

United Way chapters all across the United States are beginning new fundraising campaigns, including multiple chapters in Illinois and surrounding areas. The United Way Blackhawk Region recently began its 2014 campaign at the Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport as part of the annual Day of Caring event. During the 2013 fundraising campaign, the United Way Blackhawk Region generated nearly $3 million. The money was directed to 94 health and human services organizations providing services throughout the region.

The Illinois Division of the United Way of Greater St. Louis has set a 2014 fundraising goal of $1.5 million. The money raised will be used to support 30 health and human services programs serving the counties of Clinton, Monroe, Randolph, and St. Clair. The Edwardsville United Way chapter, meanwhile, will follow financial professional Joann Barton as she coordinates fundraising events that will support 40 local agencies.